International Coffee Day 2018 | Celebration of Woman in Coffee |

Ok, Happy International Coffee Day all !
First of all, usually I never celebrating the International Coffee Day. Because eventough i'm in coffee industry, the celebration is more or less only a mommentum for every coffee shop giving a promotion without an in-depth meaning.
But, something's specials on this year. Woman in coffee. About the gender equality in coffee.
So, i want to take this momment to write about woman in coffee industries, who's I know, inspiring, and somehow take a part of my journey in coffee directly and indirectly.

First of all, Bu Mia Lakhsmi. First I know her is because she's wife of Mr. Adi Taroepratjeka. The first of Q Grader Instructor in Indonesia (CMIIW). But that's it. Later on I know that she's also Q Robusta Grader. That time, it's amaze me. Because, from what i know, people in coffee is cherish the flavor of arabica coffee, and generalizing robusta as a bad coffee. But actually, lot of fine robusta tasted amazing too. That's why, she's inspire me. When a lot of people only seeing coffee on one way, she's already looked on the other sides of coffee. She's also have a good knowledge about tobacco, especially cigar ! Very unusual, right? She's also the one who have responsibility to my new hobby of salt collecting. Because she have a lot collection of salt.

And there's Yuke, Tri Yuke Hapsari. Thing's that amazed me, because she's Master in Coffee Economics and Science with a scholarship . More info about this, check this one .She's also one of the writer in Sustainable Coffee Platform Indonesia (SCOPI) . And one of Co Owner of the hype coffee shop in Bandung. Salute ! (Sorry, i dont have a picture of you, Yuke!)

Mbak Resi, One from two Q Grader Instructor in Indonesia. She's inspire me when she's in charge as head judge for the Indonesia Brewers Championship. She teach me how to be impartial and objective on scoring.
Thi, and Teh Imas

Teh Imas, roaster from Kopi Florist. Part of the famous Klasik Beans. She taught me the way she looked at the environment. We, in coffee industry, is highly dependable on the sustainability of mountain, water, forest, sea. How all of it interract each other and affect the quality and sustainability of coffee itself.

Nhãthi Lê, the first and last of Vietnam Aeropress Champion. She teach me sometimes,all you need is a little bit of persistent and huge part of luck to winning a competition.

Sara Alali
She's the winner of Middle East and North Africa Turkish Championship 2016. And AST Trainer. Her story about the situation when she can't compete representing her country in World level because untill now Saudi didnt have a national body to held competition.She told me how competition teach you a lot of things on the short period of time. And also when she can't join the Q Grader course in Riyadh because that course is men only. That time I realized equality in coffee is still obstructed by other rules or customs.

So,that's it. My version of Women in Coffee who inspired me. What about yours?


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