The Beginning of it All

It might be the most common reason for everyone to become a coffee roaster started from being a barista. As long as it derrived from your passion,  go for it. But for me, the reason to becoming a coffee roaster started long before I jumped into coffee business.

Im majoring the Law in one of the University in Bandung. Once my lecturers said, "We dont need a Criminal Law or Private Law if we cant even fed ourself. The Agricultural Law is the foundation to make sure that our people feeded and can continue another law." That was my turning point. Then I've started to think, no matter what, I'm gonna write about Agricultural Law for my thesis.

So, most of the Law student that take Agricultural Law for thesis talking about rice. Because rice is really important to our country because it's our primary food. I was wondering about the theme that I would hapily do.

Until one time, a friend of mine asked me to come to Mount Puntang for weekend camping. It was a "freezing" night. There was a rain in the afternoon and dry at night. But his friend do something weird at that time. He's cranking something around, and around, and around while he's cooking a water on a Kelly's Kettle. I've founded out that he's grinding a coffee at the time he open the bottom of that stainless steel tube with the crank on top of it. Because it was smelled A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Freshly ground coffee in that typical of time is really something. But it not ended just like that. He's openend a small blue pouch, and then come out like a giant syringe. Later I know it's called aeropress.

To started a conversation, i was asking him, "what the coffee is that?" Im hoping the answer would be as simple as Arabica, or Robusta. Because that's all I've know about coffee. Either I couldnt say about the difference between that two. But' he was answered, " This coffee are from this mountain. Gunung Puntang. A friend of mine give this coffee to me. It's old Typica. You've better to try this". "Oh my god, what the hell he's talking about? Typica? What the fuck is that." I've said, on my mind of course.

Im received a tin cup from his hand while saying, "Thank you". Call a coffee that you have tried, Luwak, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Panama Gesha, Every nation Cup of Excellence, you name it. I've tried all that coffee now. But for me, subjectively, that was my best cup of coffee I've ever tried.

"What you've said sir? Typica?", Im curious. "Ya, it's the old coffee varietal that Dutch have planted a long long time ago. A friend of mine just discovered the coffee plant. It's really huge! And only have a little fruit now." I have two lessons learned. First, i just know that Dutch planted coffee in Mount Puntang. Two, coffee is a fruit?

Well, after that cup of coffee I've made up my mind. I should write a thesis about coffee.


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