Q Arabica Grader

Well, in the Late 2016, my old pal inviting me to join his new coffeeshop. Since his capital and his knowledge about coffee is quite big, I'm accepting his offer. Because from what I believed, I'll learn faster on the right community rather than im learning alone.
On this phase of my life, I also taking a Q Arabica Grader course by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) held in 5758 Coffee Lab Bandung.
The Q arabica Grader or usually spoken just as Q Grader, is a set of training and test about coffee industry in general, with in depth spesification as below.
The training and test included :
General Knowledge
This section is more into 1 way coffee knowledge information with Q&A in the end of every subject.
The theory is about coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing, cupping, grading, roasting, and brewing.
Cupping Skills

Here we're taught with the SCAA cupping protocols, cupping with 4 different cupping flight, included:
Tables of Central Americas Coffee (Milds), Asia (Indonesia), African Coffee, and Natural Proceessed. Coffee scored on the scale of 6-10 for each attributes (fragrance, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, and overall. wich included total of 30 points from uniformity, sweetness and clean cup based from set of 5 coffee cup).
Sensory Skills
Image Courtesy of : Torch Thailand

This part is divided in to 3 different parts, wich is:
Sensory I, we're provided of three different intensity of salt,sweet, and sour solvent. i.e, Salt 1,(less salty), Salt 2 (salty), Salt 3 (most salty).
Sensory II, mix of 9 solvent on Sensory I, put in the blind cup with a number tag. And we have to identify both modality and intensity of each cup by writing down its coded number on the appropriate line.
Sensory III, same solvent used in this part, but mixed into 8 cups. 4 cups contains 2 solutions, and the remaining contains 3 solutions. We have to identify the number of solutions in each mixtures and their intensity. ie, Salt 1, Sweet 2, Acid 2 in specific cup.
Olfactory Skills
Image Courtesy of : Hazel and Hersey Hong Kong

Here, we're using Le Nez du Cafe kit to focusing on cupper ability to match scents rather than identify them. The kit grouped by 4 diferrent category, wich is : enzymatic, sugar browning, dry distillation, and aromatic taints. Each category contains 8 different scents.
Triangulation Skills
Organic Acids
Green Coffee Grading
Roasted Coffee Grading
Sample Roast Identification

However, I've passed the test and certified as a Q Arabica Grader. Well, it doesnt mean anything actually. Except the knowledge itself. And I've met a lot of coffee friends who's really have a deep passion in coffee industry.

For you who's still considering to take a coffee course or not, could be a Q Grader, or SCA Diploma, or anything. My suggestion is, it depends on your situation. Depends on your money situation, depends on your goals in coffee, and what you see about coffee industry in the future. But one thing for sure, the course will give you opportunity to meet a new people in coffee.


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