Amateur Roaster

Well, since the final paper that I've made, I've never think that coffee, as retailer, barista, will be my full time job. Not because of  I didnt have the passion of coffee brewing, but since there's no close connection between what I've learnt, with serving the coffee to the customer. As an Agricultural Student, coffee is not only beverage that help you to kickstart your morning. Coffee is beyond that.
For the Producer Country, wich is where I was born and grow, coffee is a main income for millions of household. And since the farmers should wait 3 years and more, and coffee only harvested once a year, the result of their hardwork determined by 14.607 Km away from where's it harvested. Isnt it ridiculous?
So, I've figure it out that why we dont start it locally? I mean, since 2015 specialty coffee consumer is growing in Indonesia, maybe, just maybe, we can cut the distribution line shorter, so we can get a cheaper price with a better quality. And from what I've learn, the problem on coffee producing country, is the transfer knowledge and how the producer, meet the consumer needs by quality and quantity. So by that time, roaster is on a good position. They're the bridge between barista's, as a frontliner to the customer, and the farmer's, as a producer.
And then, I've started to loan money from bank. Obviously is not a good idea. Since I doesnt know the market yet, but I dont care much that time. I bought locally custom made roasting machine from Jember, East Java with only 1 kg capacity. And half of the money loan i use it for buying green bean.
Im self taught for roasting coffee. I watched all the coffee roasting video on Youtube, read almost everything that i can from online media about it. But unfortunately, it never been enough.
All theory from what I've learnt seems didnt match with the roasting practice that I've done. So, I'm arrived to one conclusion. Maybe, this machine is different. In other way, I have to find different approach to roasting coffee on this machine. I wont say that this machine is bad in manufacturing quality or materials. It just different. Like everything in life, you can learn about happiness, about work, about family life, but in the end, your life is different from anyone else, you have different background, different family, different background, yet you still have to face it on your own approach.
After I realized it, I've learnt different behaviour of my machine, Im more open minded. Found different way to roast my coffee. And at that time, I'm very happy to figuring, that coffee has tought me a very important lesson for my life. You have a different way to face your problem that no one else maybe have figure it out.


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