Post Graduate, Barber, and Coffee Shop

Well, before my graduation ceremony happen on February, on November a friend of mine contacted me. "Hey, I have a friend want to open a business. Maybe you'll interested?" Sure why not ! Afterall, I dont know what to do after my graduation. My plan is, hanging around with my friend and enjoying my holiday after all the fuss about college and business, and maybe sending CV to couple company.
He said, " Hey, my parents an abandoned store on a business area. Do you have a recommendation what could I do?" Damn, it's your place, your money, why he asked me?

And I've said, well, what's your hobby or what are you good at? "Im going to the forest every weekend with my trail bike, and I love motorbike !"  "Then why you dont open a workshop based on your specialty?", I've said. He said it's impossible to do. Since his place is in business area. But he also mention that he likes to drink coffee. And he mentioned, that he heard that I'm taking coffee for my thesis. Yeah, well, it's true. But i dont have any plan to have a business in coffee I've said. "Take it as your first step to coffee industry. Either you're going to really in to it or on educational, use it as an introduction. Also I know you're having a pomade as your side business. Let's make a barber and coffeeshop !", he said.

On February 2015, the same month on my graduation, we opened our business. It's called "BOSSTON Cuts & Cups". Good thing and bad things happened on that business. But for real, I've learn so much on that business. Either on the Coffee, or on the business, or even both!

Here's i dared to get a credit from bank to buy a coffee roaster. Because I cant continue what I want from my thesis. As a bridge for coffee farmers and coffee lovers. Here's I've started to learn something new. Roasting Coffee. I dont know where's coffee lead me to. But I've just enjoy the ride!


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