Contrast Coffee Bandung

Contrast Coffee, the blend of warms people and great coffee.
The coffeeshop itself located on the central Bandung, Indonesia.
It's a prime area for business and hang out.
We're equipped with high end coffee gear in the industry. Contrast Coffee is well known by the customer as a indie coffeeshop with a high quality coffee served everytime. Its not a surprised, since we're calculated every human error's possible and minimizing it. And the coffeeshop now is raising higher and higher and gather more customer.
We dont served meal's here. Only light bites, and drink. Mostly coffee.

Here's Im worked as a Coffee Roaster. We're mostly using local coffee beans to minimizing the investation for the coffee source. But somehow, we're amazed by the quality of local coffee itself. Maybe lot of people know Indonesian coffee only from Sumatra, Sulawesi, or Toraja. But in Java itself, there's a lots of origin with a lots of flavor to offer. And from others island too. Indonesian coffee have a lot of varian.

From my opinion, here, we're investing too much in place and equipment. But not with the people.
Eventhough, this place always get a great people. From the people who worked behind it, to the customer. A lot of popular artist, city major, governor, coming here. Somehow, i feel stucked here.
This place is too comfy. All the people is amazing. So it become my comfort area. Most of my time spent here. Basically, what I want and I need is already here.

Until, there's on email coming from Saudi Arabia. They offer me a job as a coffee roaster. I didnt approach or putting my CV on any company at that time. But, somehow they found me.
One week I cannot sleep. Thinking about this opportunity. Saudi Arabia, land of desert and never I've thinked before. It must be something about coffee in Saudi Arabia. If  there isn't, then no way, the biggest commodity after oil, coffee, wich is the biggest traded is Arabica coffee. So, maybe if  coffee is my way, this is a chance of my life.As a one wise man said, "worked with your heart. Follow where's the passion lead you. Even if  that mean you have to step outside your comfort zone." So here I go !


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