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The Sustainable Agriculture Bill Problematics in The Eye of Coffee Farming

Currently, a big demonstration is happening in Indonesia. Students come to the street to speak their minds against several bills that parliament made. One of them is the Sustainable Agriculture Bill. From the law side, this bill has a good point in mind. Wich is to protect farmers and to planning Indonesia farming sovereignty. BUT, there's some point in the bill that could lead into a double edge sword. Here's from my limited intellectual I try to describe what's the point will affect in the future of coffee farming either good or bad. Article 20 Regarding the invention of superior variety, on the Bill of Intellectual Property, No. 19/2002. The inventor of superior variety is protected by law the right of his invention. In my opinion, the Law about Intellectual Property itself in Indonesia still needs enhancement and structure. In terms of another Intellectual Property, as trademark or copyright which is actually easier to track. Protection for the inventor in supe

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