The Beginning of It All | Part II

Thesis Journey and the Struggle to Graduate

After I've made up my mind to write about coffee for my thesis, I go to my Professor. He's the only Professor for Agricultural Law in Indonesia, as far as I know. His name is Prof. Dr. Koerniatmanto Soetoprawiro, S.H, M.H. I've asked him about my idea for writing about coffee. He's said that, "the agricultural law is the present and the future of law. The present, because whatever the people do for living, they still need food. Wich is, an agricultural product." Just name what you drink and eat. Everything is reached by the presence of Agricultural Law. Eventough, there's a small part. The future, because everyone in Law so busy chasing Criminal Law, Private Law, International Law, Business Law, etc. without realizing that we need Agricultural Product for living. One Country could fall apart and turn into chaos if the Country couldnt provide food for their citizens. We cant really depend on import to fulfill our needs. 

My thesis is about Agricultural Policies on Coffee Producing Area in Pangalengan, West Java, Bandung. As you might already know, Pangalengan is one of the centre coffee producing area in West Java. There's another area also produce coffee. But I choose Pangalengan, simply because I had a friend there :) . So, at that time, I'm also have a food business. That's a food truck selling takoyaki. Yeah, me and My bestfriend having Takoyaki Takoman for learning about business. Well, that's a different story. But, the point is, it's hard to maintain the business while you had to finish the thesis. It's even harder while my thesis is a normative-sociologist approach. So I have to running my business, also coming back and forth to Pangalengan. I have to let go one of them. So I decided turn my business go.

My thesis writing is never going easy. The problem's with my limited brain, and with the local government. The local's government never on time. If you have an appointment at 9, come after lunch. Because they gonna come at 10, and lunch at 11, or 11.30. Believe me, I've been trough that.

So, even this and that wich fussing around about the thesis, now I'm really missed that time. That momment. That place.
Pangalengan nature's beauty is really stunning.

That picture is taken on Cileunca Lake, on the sunset.

Finally, I finished my study with pride, from Parahyangan Catholic University as a bachelor of Law.

Well, the Journey is become interesting from here :)


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